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Misting unit

If you have ever wanted to propagate your own plants then this is the way the professionals do it. This unit is ideal for those who want to produce plants from cuttings. It is especially suitable for people who want to plant out small wood lots or reforest native bush. Anyone who has done this will know that purchasing plants for this purpose can be very expensive as 100 plants/trees goes nowhere on a farm. The unit operates on a safe 24 volts so it is also ideal for schools.
How does it work?
The unit is supplied with a power supply, mist control unit, 24 volt DC solenoid, electronic leaf and two misting jets. The unit will mist a propagating bed approximately 2.4 metres by 1 metre. Additional misting jets are available increasing the misting area by approx 1.2 square metres. The electronic leaf works by water conductivity. It is placed amongst the cuttings. When the electronic leaf dries out, no conduction (simulating a real leaf), the mist unit turns on until the leaf is wet again (conduction). In this way the cuttings are prevented from drying out until they grow their own roots. The unit works even better if you have bottom heat as this stimulates root growth. The ideal is “warm bottom, cold tops”.

How easy is it to install?
The power supply plugs into a 230- volt outlet. The mist control has to be wired to the plug pack. It is clearly labelled, and is only approximately 24 volts, so you won’t get electrocuted. The solenoid and electronic leaf are wired to the mist control unit, again only 24 volts. All the wiring points are clearly labelled. The power supply, mist controller and solenoid need to be located in a dry place. The solenoid needs to be connected to a water supply. We recommend using 15mm PVC class E pressure pipe for the mist line. The misters are supplied screwed into 15mm pipe joiner because they have a 1/8 BSP thread and you are unlikely to have a tap and 21/64th drill bit to make the thread. The pipe joiners with the misters fitted need to be glued into the main line.


The mist controller has a sensitivity control. If the cuttings are looking too dry (they are wilting), the control knob is moved around further towards dry, so the electronic leaf has to get a lot wetter before the unit cuts off. When your cuttings have a good root system, the control is set to wet, which will reduce the misting. This gets the cuttings used to obtaining their water from their newly developed root systems and not the mist.

Below are a series of photos showing the bush block I established primarily with my own cuttings about 20 years ago. The initial plantings were Lacebark, Pittosporum, Mahoe, and Karo.
Misting Unit block diagram (not to scale)

Misting Unit

Price $537.00 inc GST
Freight NI $20.00 SI $20.00, Rural delivery an additional $7.00

Extra misting jets $20.50. Freight free if ordered with a Misting unit, $4.50 P&P if ordered seperately. Rural delivery an additional $5.00

Replacement electronic leaf $88.75 plus $7.50 postage. Rural delivery an additional $5.50

Please note: To prevent unnecessary delays please make sure you select the RD option if you are at a rural address.

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