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Rabbit and possum repellent

11th year in NZ
Rabbits are a major problem on many lifestyle blocks. They are very difficult to trap and the use of poisons or shooting is often limited by the close proximity of neighbours. With poison you always run the risk of poisoning other things. This risk is reduced by having the poison so weak the rabbit has to feed on it two nights in a row, but what are the chances the rabbit being in the same place the next night to feed on the poison? They tend to come across it by accident. Personally, I have not found these types of poison to be very effective. On lifestyle blocks rabbits are not normally an infestation, but the few that are around can cause some serious damage to low lying trees and shrubs and gardens. They also eat a lot of grass. It is said that 10 rabbits eat the same amount as 1 sheep!

Grazers Rabbit and possum repellent is an effective solution to this problem. Because it is nutrient - based, it can be sprayed safely on any growing plant - ornamental, fruit or vegetable, and in fact will help repair any damage already caused by rabbits. It is odourless to the human nose, and safe for pets. Grazers is systemic (taken in by the growing plant), so it is not washed off by rain.

Because it is harmless to pets and wildlife, it can be sprayed safely on grass or any plant. There is no withholding period though fruit and vegetables might taste a bit odd if you eat them within a few days of spraying them.

Grazing rabbits and other animals remember which plants are tasty and which are not. Even when Grazers has worn off, crop damage has not re-occurred for some time. If there is nothing else for rabbits to eat, they will possibly eat a sprayed crop, but as long as there is something else to eat, crop and pest can live side by side!

Grazers in the UK repels Rabbits, Pigeons, Deer and Geese


New Zealand customer possum trial:

Hi Graham,
I can confirm that it works for possums as well as rabbits. The 1 application on half mature lettuce didn't work as well, but the double application to seedlings pre plant is working very well. I will definitely be
back for more in the future.
Cheers, Peter

Feedback from another customer with a rabbit problem:

Just a quick report back on the use of the Grazers Rabbit Repellent as promised. I think it has been gratifyingly successful! We used it on 65 Laurel hedge plants most of which had had all their newly appearing foliage decimated by a couple of wayward rabbits. The plants have done extremely well since. Five or six were so badly chewed that we had to replace them but these were sprayed with the Grazers, prior to planting, and have not been touched since. Many thanks indeed for helping us in this respect. We are very appreciative.


When new plants are to be introduced to the garden or paddock, it is recommended to spray the them with Grazers, at least twice in a pest free location prior to planting. Allow for 3 days between applications. This enables the plants to absorb the repellent and to make sure that young tender shoots, which are very attractive to grazing pests, are protected. Another common problem is that rabbits get attracted by the smell of new soil and dig your newly planted plants out. Grazers stops rabbits from eating the plants, not from digging them up. We suggest some blood and bone around each newly planted plant. It does not last long, but the smell puts the the rabbits off for the first couple of days until the novelty the of the new soil is lost. If rabbits have been eating your plants for a while it will take a bit to break the habit. Use Grazers at double strength.

A spraying of Grazers should last about 6 weeks, but it depends on a few factors. If the plant is growing rapidly, then the product is being diluted by the plant. If the plant doubles in size, then the strength of the product within the sap is now halved. If you are under severe rabbit pressure you may have to spray more often. It is important rabbits have an alternative food source so they leave your plants alone, something like your neighbour's unsprayed plants.LOL

Spray on:

  • Grass, lawns , golf courses, bowling greens etc
  • shrubs
  • perennials
  • roses
  • conifers
  • soft fruit bushes
  • vegetable plants
  • bedding
  • native bush restoration
  • shelter belt planting
Rose bed before treatment (roses
and the strip of grass around the
bed were sprayed once with the
basic application rate)
Rose bed 4 weeks after
treatment (notice the grass)

Do's And Dont's


  • Spray any crop at any growth stage eg. Corn can be sprayed immediately after leaf emergence.
  • Spray plants while still growing. With NZ natives the growing season can be from early September until June.
  • Spray in autumn to help sustain the crop through winter.
  • Spray when foliage is dry


  • Spray woody nursery stock after leaf fall (effectiveness is reduced if sprayed while crops are dormant).
  • Tank mix with any other material.
  • Spray in direct sunlight or frosty conditions.
  • Spray immediately before or immediately after rainfall
  • NB: In rare instances, particularly if a crop is under severe nutrient stress, the first application may appear not to be working in which case a second application can be applied 3 days later.

NOTE: Unable to export to Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

We use NZ Post for Grazers delivery so in this instance NZ PO Boxes are okay for delivery addresses. Please do not give an address that NZ Post don't deliver too.

Please note: To prevent unnecessary delays please make sure you select the RD option if you are at a rural address.

Grazers "Garden" 375ml bottle sufficient to spray 1000m2 or approximately 250 plants 300mm high.
Application rate 80ml per 5 litres (approx $8.00 per 5 litres of mix) Approximately equal to thirty one 750ml pre mixed bottles that sell for $18.95 each in the garden centres.
Price: $30
Freight (tracked) for North Island $7.50, South Island $7.50, Rural delivery additional $4.50
(Note: the bottle comes with a handy measurer.)

Grazers "Garden" 750ml bottle sufficient to spray 2000m2 or approximately 500 plants 300mm high.
Application rate 80ml per 5 litres (approx $5.85 per 5 litres of mix) Approximately equal to fifty six 750ml pre mixed bottles that sell for $18.95 each in the garden centres.
Price: $50
Freight (tracked) for North Island 11.50, South Island $11.50, Rural delivery additional $4.50
(Note: the bottle comes with a handy measurer.)
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Grazers is also available at:

Blueskin Nurseries
State Highway 1, Waitati
03 4822 828

Health and Safety Data Sheet

Grazers Rabbit and possum repellent.
Calcium Chloride solution, 6% Calcium Oxide 4.3% w/w Calcium

Grazers is a calcium-based product in liquid form, darkish green in colour.

Storage. Keep in a cool dry store. Will store almost indefinitely if protected from frost.
• Wear gloves, goggles and a face shield.
• Shake vigorously before use
• Fill tank to required amount, add Grazers and agitate.
• Grazers must be sprayed on its own - do not mix with other sprays

• Small spillages may be washed away with water

Health Hazards
Grazers is safe when handled correctly and does not present a health hazard when used as directed, but it is advisable to
• Wash hands after work and before meals.
• Keep any unused liquid in its original container
• Store away from children, pets, livestock and foodstuffs
• When handling Grazers wear gloves and goggles

Fire Hazard
The product is non flammable. The container of course will burn and in the unlikely event of this happening, extinguish the fire with water.

• Avoid contact with the skin and eyes
• Avoid ingestion - may cause temporary vomiting

First aid
Skin contact - remove clothing, use a synthetic detergent and wash thoroughly.
Eye contact. May cause temporary discomfort. Irrigate with plenty of water.
In the unlikely event of either irritation or symptoms persisting - seek medical advice.