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Slug and snail repellent


First snail: "I have to cross the road" Second snail: "Be careful, there is a bus coming in an hour"

After 13 years of producing and selling Grazers G1 formula as a rabbit and possum repellent and seeing it work around the world against a range of other animal pests, the manufacturers could see there was a growing demand for safer, environmentally friendly products.

At the beginning of 2012, the manufacturers thought it time to explore other major garden pests and compiled a list of major garden and commercial pests. A few weeks later, through sheer chance they met an entomologist specialising in small scale independent efficacy trials. It was decided to go ahead with some trials using an adjusted Grazers formula, aimed at the number one offender on the list, molluscs (slugs & snails). To the manufacturer’s excitement, the first trial gave them an immediate and clear result! After tweaking the rates to achieve optimum results Grazers G2 formula was born.

There are many products on the market: some act as physical barriers and some act as baits (poisonous and organic) which attract the pest to the treated area before potentially killing it.

With the G2 formula the manufacturers believe they have a unique product that combines and covers/addresses two very crucial and key elements of current horticultural and environmental issues. Using a very safe but effective formula, sprayed directly on to the foliage, not only is the plant being treated against potential damage and its growth stimulated and strengthened, but there is no detrimental impact on the soil, or to the slugs and snails which are a valuable food source for wildlife eg. Hedgehogs and thrushes. These natural predators are not poisoned by the snails and slugs they eat, so they continue to thrive to keep pests in check. Thus the product has appeal for both the garden lovers who do not want their plants ravaged by slugs and the environmentalists who abhor chemical damage to the environment and its balance.

Pet owners. We know there are bittering agents in slug baits these days but they are unlikely to be 100% effective. There is always the chance of the curios pet who might just try some poisonous slug bait with obvious terrible consequences. There are no dangerous uneaten baits laying around when using Grazers G2.

The manufacturers thought it would give those people (many of whom, like us, give thought to both issues ie. the balance of pest damage versus environmental damage) satisfaction and huge peace of mind to be able to think that they spraying plants with a safe nutritious product that is effective against damage caused by molluscs, whilst leaving them as food for garden wildlife. With this healthy balanced approach, plants and molluscs are both preserved. Live and Let Grow!

Independent trial results using New G2 formula against mollusc (slug & snail) damage:

NOTE: Unable to export to Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

Spraying weekly is effective against damage and benefits the plant. For edible crops we recommend one week's interval between final treatment and harvest. It is NOT harmful, but there is a low risk of tainting the leaf if eaten sooner.

Grazers "Slug and Snail" 350ml concentrate bottle makes 10 litres of spray.
Price: $20.00
Postage (tracked) for North Island $7.50, South Island $7.50, Rural delivery additional $4.50
(Note: the bottle comes with a handy measurer.)

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