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Bean and pea support frames

Harrod Slot & Lock® Bean & Pea Frames

Sorry sold out, now discontinued.


Utilising the latest Slot & Lock® connector technology and tried and tested aluminium tubing, our new folding Harrod Slot & Lock® Bean and Pea Support Frames will give years of reliable support to your climbing legumes in the garden.

The frames can be assembled in your garden. The durable but lightweight 16mm diameter aluminium tubing framework can easily be dismantled or simply folded flat for winter storage.

Galvanised steel ground pegs are supplied to hold the frame firmly in position and with a long lasting piece of 80mm mesh knotted net completing - and further strengthening - the frame, you can be sure the Harrod Slot & Lock® Bean and Pea Support Frames won't let you or your beans down!

Harrod Slot & Lock® Bean and Pea kitset support frames are available in 1 length

  • 1.03m long.
  • Base span can be varied thus altering the height of the frame
  • Optimum size is 1.95m H x 1.m W
  • Suitable for positioning in open ground
  • 16mmm diameter aluminium tubing framework
  • Tubing firmly held in position by matt black superior Nylon plastic Harrod Slot & Lock® connectors
  • Cut to size section of 80mm mesh knotted net comes with framework
  • Netting will last for years
  • Large enough mesh size (80mm) to pass hand through for easy inner row harvesting
  • Netting adds even more stability to framework
  • Held in position by releasable net ties
  • Comes complete with extra-long (30cm) galvanised steel ground pegs
  • Easy to fold or dismantle for winter
  • Self-assembly required

Support is 1.95m high if there is a 1m spread at ground level

Model Length Price including GST
GPL 131


Freight NI for GPL 131, $15.00, Rural delivery extra $6.50
Freight SI for GPL 131, $22.00, Rural delivery extra $6.50