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Tunnel houses - NZ made 2.4m wide, up to 8m long.

Want something bigger, 3.1m up to 4.9 m wide, vritually any length? Check our our new super strong UK made polytunnels here Polytunnels

tunnel houseWhen you are looking for a tunnel house it is important to make sure it is well constructed and that the plastic film is held securely if you want it to last. We looked at a lot of tunnel houses before deciding on these ones and these are the reasons why:

  • Our Domestic Tunnel Houses are made of a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame spaced at 1 metre intervals to give extra cover support. Picture to the right shows a 3m tunnel house with the optional screen door.

  • Special thermal insulating tape is applied to the frame where it meets the cover to prevent the plastic being cooked at these points. These refinements add a small amount to the cost, but we think it is worth it, as it results in a longer cover life and ultimately a big saving to the owner.

  • Equally important is how it is constructed. The aluminium hoops fit into predrilled holes in the wooden base. The base is held to the ground with wooden pegs that are hammered into solid ground. The pegs are then are nailed to the base. The cover is held by a rebate and wooden lock strip nailed to the base. (Please note: While our tunnel houses are very strong this does not mean you can put your tunnel house up in an exposed situation and expect it to survive gale force winds. They are designed as a domestic tunnel house. Common sense needs to be exercised and adequate shelter provided)

  • Our tunnel houses are supplied direct to your door in boxed kitset form. The complete kitset includes a treated wooden base, wooden pegs, fastenings (nails screws etc), aluminum frame, one sliding entry door (can be assembled to open left or right), vents as per the table below, frame tape and a machine welded Agphane Extreme plastic cover.

    All you will need are some simple tools. Hammer, Screwdriver, Tape Measure, Sharp Knife or Scissors, Heavy Hammer or Mallet, Petroleum Jelly or Grease for the top door track slides.


The aluminium frame and wooden base is guaranteed to be free from defects and manufacturing faults for a period of one year.

The Polygro 200 micron cover is guaranteed in N.Z. for four seasons (48 months) against breakdown by U.V. degradation. If U.V. breakdown occurs and is confirmed by the manufacture's sample analysis, a pro rata replacement credit will be allowed. A credit will be issued, based on original invoiced value, for the unused period of the Warranty. Warranty is to the original purchaser of the tunnel house.

The tunnel house is a domestic tunnel house and is not designed for extreme weather conditions. Permeable wind breaks are recommended in exposed situations. The guarantee on the frame and cover does not cover mechanical damage, including premature damage caused by chemical use, high winds, weather conditions or extremes of temperature.

Where breakdown has occurred on frames or pipes, warranty is conditional upon frame tape being used to protect the film from heat build up on the frame.


With a truck being charged by the kilometre or at an hourly rate, making a delivery for items to the door can get expensive. Picking up freight from a depot is the cheapest option plus you don't have to worry about being at home to meet the truck. If you do not have the means to pick up we can have your tunnel delivered right to your door. Please call 0800 14 48 65 or email telling us your delivery details for a quote. We can normally deliver within 20km of the depot for the same price.

Tunnel houses consist of two boxes with a total weight up to 35kg for the largest tunnel house. The longest parcel is around 4m if your tunnel house is 4m or more in length, the 2nd box is 2m long.

Follow the link to find a depot near you Google Toll Freight plus town or city name.



Our standard size is 2.4 metres (8') wide by 1.9 metres (6'4") high. Door opening 740mm. Prices include GST.

Length Width
Roof Vents
Order Code
2m 2.4m
3m 2.4m
4m 2.4m
5m 2.4m
6m 2.4m
8m 2.4m


Freight to North Island depot or town address $35.00, South Island depot or town address $70.00.

Currently a 10 working day despatch from the factory.

Choose a destination and product:

Optional Extras (if ordered with tunnel house, no extra freight):

Sliding Door and Track Assembly other end (Doors both ends) $128.00
Screen door $115
Additional roof vents $115
Screen doors both ends $235
Back wall vent $125.00

Choose a product:

Optional Extras if ordered without tunnel house:

Sliding Door and Track Assembly other end (Doors both ends) $128
Screen door $146
Additional roof vents $125
Screen doors both ends $265
Back wall vent $128

Freight $15.00 NI, $25.00 SI. Rural delivery an additional $6.50

Choose a destination and product:

Replacement covers

Please make sure you have one of our frames before ordering a cover, they will not fit other brands. You can easily tell if it is one of our tunnel houses because as far as we know we are the only ones who use lagging tape on the frames and our frame hoop spacing is 1 metre. Also compare the detailed pictures on this web page. We can not refund your money if you choose the wrong cover.

2m $290.00
3m $320.00
4m $355.00
5m $370.00
6m $395.00
8m $435.00

Freight NI $30.00, SI $35.00, Rural delivery an additional $6.50

Choose a destination and product:

One of our customers. Hot as Chillies have three of our tunnel houses. If you like Chillies and want to grow your own from seed, plants, or to purchase some of their award winning products, then check out their website. Chillies obviously grow well inside one of our tunnel houses.Some of these Chillies are possibly hotter than our LPG weed burners!

Two 8m and one 6m tunnel house.